This book recommend is a perfect opportunity to kick off the new weekly series called, “The Weekly 5″. I take 5 minutes or less to discuss 5 points, ideas, topics, random facts, or questions.

Favorite Quotes From Do The Work:

  • “When you and I set out to create anything-art, commerce, science, love-or to advance in the direction of a higher, nobler version of ourselves, we uncork from the universe, ineluctably, an equal and opposite reaction.”
  • “Set Forth without fear and without self-censorship. When you hear that voice in your head, blow it off.”
  • “We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.”



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In reading Do The Work, what is one quote or thought that inspires you?

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How are you utilizing your Creativity to mobilize your feeling of freedom to create meaningful and effective work that others appreciate?

What Degree do you feel autonomous and fully-connected?


How are you Leveraging Your Strengths to achieve the lifestyle you desire?


What Method of Goal Setting & Implementation Do You Utilize? Are You Feeling Empowered By a Consistent Feeling of Accomplishment & Forward Momentum?


How Have You Integrated Your Values Into Your Workflow & Systems of Interaction?


To What Extent Have you Actualized the Power of Clarifying & Mapping Your Vision?


What Internal Systems Have you Designed to help you Sustain a Productive Power that delights your team and clients?

What Does Your Life/Work Balance Look Like?

Have you invested time into integrating the various layers of your life with the work you do and the art you desire to achieve?


How Do You Apply Variables of Creativity Toward Your Financial & Relationship Success?

Relationship Effectiveness

What Does Your Ideal Interaction Look Like?