The ability to collaborate on projects with others brings an added energy to the creative process.  The concept of team and being a team player is applicable across all contexts.   I even view the marketing and sales process between an artist and client as a type of team process.  I was stoked to be able to discuss team creativity with the production team The Dentmakers.
Lamar “Beat Boss” Van Sciver and Frank “Deville” Greenfield have been producing music together for 7 years.  Their success has reached the music industry worldwide and they continue to grow as they bring others into their collaborative process.  I haven’t seen many video interviews that provide such a transparent look into the lives of successful producers, so I’m thankful and excited to share this opportunity with others.
If you have any questions or comments about team success or just want to send some snaps, take full advantage of the comment form below.  High5s!

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